COVID- 19: How we are working to keep our team and customers safe ( Updated 13/5/21 )

Since the first lockdown we have continued working as a bubble and juggling jobs arounds depending customers and materials supplies. We are more than happy to work in customers homes, as long as they are willing to let us work there too. We both had our first Astra zeneca injections mid march and awainting our second injections, we decided that this might put people a little more at ease knowing we are taking percations where possible.

The biggest result in the lock downs we have found it some materials were in shorter supply, material costs have been rising slowly, some due to supply and demand / import duties have risen. Also some of the booked in work keeps being delayed so we bring forward other works when possible.

We still try to maintain a working diary, but its alot more fuild due to constant changes both customer and supplier issues.