BUSINESS UPDATE : 3rd Lockdown released on 5th January 2021

COVID- 19: How we are working to keep our team and customers safe

As of 5th of January we are now entering another lock down, this does seem more extreme than the second lockdown with closure of schools as well. From what we understand construction sector is still allowed to work, we see what we do as part of that sector as we are not able to work from home. Due to the nature of our work, we do work in peoples homes which throws up some questions which we will look into futher when they arise. We are unable to control our working enviorment whilst working in customers homes, but wish to work to social distancing regulations where possible for all concerned. We will treat each job as the come to limit un needed close contact, but most of all use common sense in all situations. In these early stages i do realise that part of the service we can provide will be reduced due to the closure of showrooms for kitchens and bathrooms. At present i believe that the service will be there still and the designers will keep operating unlike the first lock down. This will be a bumpy start to the year, we try to run smoothly and work with all new and returning customers.

We do understand that this is a six week lockdown that will be reviewed, and half expect to to go futher with the rising cases of the new strain. We will try to continue working as the last nine month have taking its toll the companies finacial standing. Thankfully we have been operating since 2006 and years of recommendations which can be viewed online. We intend to keep booking in work for the up and coming months, but also will be flexible in re arranging work depending on suppliers and customers.

Thank you for your understanding in these trying times.