Services / Charges

Here are just some of the services that we can provide:

Please get in touch with us for more details.

We are able to give a quick response on estimating kitchen installations, if supplied with clear kitchen plans via email. Using our spreadsheet system, and further verified with a site visit to confirm all aspects of your design have been considered.

New day rate charges Effective from 1st April 2023

With ever increasing costs we are having to step up our day rate labour costs, by the amounts below. This will be in constant review as time goes on. To some people we may seem to be too expensive to carry out their requirements.  To current and returning customers we have taken the time to communicate all factors, and many say " having a small company, that are multi skilled working to high standards, to carry out work in an efficient timely manner actually, saves time, stress and expense. It is better than having the same jobs carried out by several different trades which would be a lot harder to organise and possibly more costly". For this we are proud, and reflects in our reviews, we seem to always be presented with non-standard jobs, which needs a lot more planning, which can be challenging, but always look fantastic on completion. 


Kitchens are normally estimated using our kitchen estimator which have been updated for 2023, based unit details, and combined with day rate for non listed items

Bathrooms are normally carried out on day rate basis, plus itemised material costs

Small jobs are carried out on day rate basis £42.25 + VAT for first hour on site, then £28.25 + VAT there after with allowance for some travel time plus itemised material costs.

Day rate charges ( Zone A )- £240 +VAT up to 15 mile radius of office address

Day rate charges (Zone B ) - £250 +VAT from 15 mile to 30 mile radius of office address

Day rate charges (Zone C ) - £260 +VAT from 30 mile to 45 mile radius of office address